Firstly, newborn face rash is quite common. With a few remedies, the symptoms can be controlled.

The most common question that we get from new parents is: My newborn has rashes on his face, what should I do?

Here is a detailed blog on everything new parents need to know about rash on a baby’s face with causes, preventive measures and remedies. 

Causes of the rashes on baby’s face

causes of the rashes

The main causes of newborn face rash is given below

1. Allergies: The first and most common cause of a rash on a baby’s face is due to food allergies.

If the baby is over 6 months old and you have been fed anything new, it is probably the reason for the allergy.

Sometimes, even the mother’s allergies can cause a rash on the baby’s face through breastmilk. 

2. Chemicals: Sometimes, exposure to certain chemicals, like the detergent used to wash the baby’s clothes, the baby’s bed sheet, etc., can also cause newborn face rash.

At times, even body washes or shampoos with perfumes can cause rashes on the baby’s face.

3. Kissing the baby’s face: Yes, that’s right. While kissing the baby’s face, germs can be easily transmitted.

If the person who kisses the baby has some kind of infection or even beauty products on their skin like lip balm, lipstick, etc., it could cause allergies and lead to a rash on the baby’s face.

4. Saliva: Teething rash cheeks is something that happens to a lot of babies. Most babies go through this during their teething period.

Since babies keep their teether toy, pacifier, or hands on their mouths, they tend to drool, and their saliva is spread all over their faces, causing rashes on the face.

It is very normal for babies to do so.  4 to 5 months old having rashes on face could mostly be due to this reason.

5. Poor hygiene: It is a must to sanitize the hands before holding the baby. If proper hygiene isn’t maintained around the baby, there are more chances for the baby to have rashes or other allergies.

6. Pet allergies: If there are pets at home, one cannot escape their hair shedding. Some babies can be allergic to pet hair, which causes a rash on their faces.

So make sure to keep the baby’s room clean, free of pet hair, and avoid keeping them together in the same room.

Remedies for a newborn face rash

remedies for the rash on babys face

If the baby has extreme rashes or allergies, it is recommended to visit a pediatrician and seek help from them.

Here are a few home remedies and that to try out in order to reduce the newborn face rash:

  1. Avoid the allergens: Make sure to stay away from the allergens and keep the baby safe. This in itself can reduce the rashes to a greater extent.
  1. Moisturizer: If there is any ointment suggested by the doctor for newborn face rash treatment, ensure to apply a thin layer of it on the baby’s face to heal the rashes.

How do I prevent the newborn face rash?

how do i prevent the rashes

To prevent newborn face rash:

  1. Firstly, practice good hygiene and clean the baby’s room, crib, and clothes well.
  2. Make sure to not let all the guests kiss the baby, as these germs can cause allergies.
  3. Have a home purifier if the surroundings are highly polluted.
  4. Do not expose the baby to harmful chemicals or perfumed hygiene products like body washes, soaps, etc.
  5. Do not use the towels for the baby for others at home. Have a separate set of towels and other items for the baby, and wash them frequently.


Although it is very common for babies to face rashes, it is important to consult with a doctor and ask for help.

Apart from the medicine, it is important to have a clean environment with little to no exposure to harmful chemicals and perfumed substances near the baby.

And lastly, yes, it is difficult to see a baby with rashes on their face, but with proper treatment and care, it can be cured. We really hope you find this article helpful.

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1. How do you treat a rash on a baby’s face?

Ensure to stay away from allergens and substances that contain harsh chemicals like lotions, detergents, etc. Apply the ointment suggested by the doctor.

2. When should I be worried about a rash on my baby’s face?

Consult a doctor if:

  • the rashes are too extreme,
  • the body temperature is high, coughing, or cold
  • the face or neck is swollen

3. What does a baby allergy rash look like?

Most baby allergy rash looks red or pink in colour with a bumpy texture.

4. Can breastmilk cure a baby rash on the face?

Breastmilk cannot cure the baby face rash but can help soothe the skin to some extent.

5. How long does a baby rash on the face last?

Most rashes on a baby’s face last around 7 to 10 days. If the rashes last longer, consult with a paediatrician.



Chennai Women’s Clinic is now Jammi Scans

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