Can anomaly scan detect all abnormalities?

Anomaly scan or mid pregnancy scan that helps you track the development of the baby’s growth organ wise. The next or the most important reason is to detect any congenital abnormalities and act accordingly in no time.

If asked if every abnormality is found in anomaly scan? Then I afraid the answer is no.

The healthcare provider will use a 2D, 3D or a 4D scan to take pictures of the fetus along with measurements to understand the growth pattern. Even the sex of the baby can be determined at this point.

The examination will focus on parts in anomaly scan

Others factors like

  • Checking the infant’s heart rate for any abnormalities in rhythms.
  • Looking for blood flow in the umbilical cord and the placenta.
  • Making sure the placenta is properly placed (placenta previa).
  • Examining your cervix, ovaries, and uterus.
  • Checking the amniotic fluid.

However, every condition that the basy possibly may have cannot be detected it acts extremely useful for diagnosing several severe conditions.

What abnormalities can be detected at 20 week scan?

By examining, some of the recognisable abnormalities in anomaly scan are

  • Open spina bifida
  • Cleft lip
  • Diaphragmatic hernia
  • Gastroschisis
  • Exomphalos
  • Serious cardiac abnormalities
  • Bilateral renal agenesis
  • Lethal skeletal dysplasia
  • Edwards’ syndrome, or t18
  • Patau’s syndrome, or t13

These can also be cases where certain anomalies can be detected more easily than the rest of it. 

It should always be noted that the scan result is a process of diagnosing abnormality in anomaly scan and must be taken care of and consulted with the doctor to take further tests. The healthcare provider themselves would be aware of the next move and reach out to you regarding it,

Do I need to worry about anomaly scan?

Do I need to worry about anomaly scan

Anomaly scans are not even mandatory in the first place. It is your choice to take it or not. Most parents do it to check for any irregularity in the baby’s growth and also especially to see those itty-bitty humans.

So, it is redundant to be worried about the scan. It should be a pleasure more than a trauma.

Going with the universal truth of worry brings more bad things—you are in your pregnancy having your tiny human in your belly must be more concentrated on positive things to have a positive impact on the baby.

Your worry about abnormalities in anomaly scan will make it more difficult for the scan process by disturbing the baby. So be calm and be more focussed on the fetus. 

If you are a first time mom, whatever positive things you hear or try to enact, will go in vain. You would be feeling a little anxious. Since you will not be able to comprehend on what you are going through and having a tough time in recognising the fetal movement. However, that is a temporary feeling and you should not let that affect your baby. 

If you are already a mother, by this time you must be completely excited and running to be tested.

Things that can keep you cool

  • Try to be a little calm and understanding of the situation
  • Do not come to conclusion with the little knowledge that you gained from youtube 
  • Trust your healthcare provider
  • Trust your ability
  • Try to have mental connection with your baby
  • Make sure you are physically fit and healthy
  • Be around someone who you think is your support system
  • Plan your visit properly to avoid havoc

How common are problems at 20 week scan?

When you have reached the week 20, it is most unlikely that you will face an abortion. There is only a 3 percent possibility for an abortion after the 13th week of your pregnancy. Yet there is a slight amount of possibility for your baby to be diagnosed with other abnormalities.

Even in the worst case scenario, the identified abnormalities will be looked at further for treatments and possible solutions.

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