Obtaining a follicular study scan is primarily used to study the development of the ovarian follicles that contribute to ovulation. There are many other benefits of follicular study scan.

Infertility isn’t the only reason you haven’t conceived after unprotected sex for a year. There can be many other underlying reasons, and a follicular monitoring scan is the first step in assessing those who fail to conceive naturally

Let’s Get In Detail To Discuss All The Benefits Of Follicular Study Scan.

5 Benefits Of Follicular Study Scan

The follicular study scan can also offer other benefits associated with diagnosing ovarian follicles.



1. Helps To Find Your Fertile Window To Conceive Naturally

A follicular study scan is the first line of treatment prescribed for those who cannot conceive for more than a year. Irregular periods or having intercourse without knowing the correct fertile days can be some of the causes behind this.

Follicle assessment is the best way to find your fertile window to assist you in planning for pregnancy

2. Identify Your Fertile Window If Age Is Limiting Your Eggs

The number of eggs decreases as women get older. Your age also restricts the quality of the eggs being produced and other related issues. A follicular study scan benefits by, 

  • Identifying the follicles that do not expand properly before rupturing.
  • Measuring the thickening of the uterine lining during the time of egg release.
  • Identifying the follicles that do not develop or break at the right time.

Depending on these studies, your doctor will be able to suggest if you can conceive naturally or not and the next level of treatments if required.

3. Helps To Find Your Ovulation Cycle During PCOS

Women with PCOD/PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease) may find it hard to track their ovulation cycle. Ovulation occurs at a less frequent frequency, affecting your menstrual cycle and making it harder for you to conceive.

In this case, follicular monitoring helps your doctor diagnose if the menstrual cycle is ovulatory or anovulatory (an egg doesn’t release from the ovary during your menstrual cycle).

Follicular study helps to find ovulation during pcos

This is beneficial as your doctor will be able to decide whether or not you have chances of getting pregnant naturally or need any further treatments.

4. Helps To Assess Your fertility Drugs

There are fertility drugs that can initiate your ovulation, which can increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

Follicular study helps to assess fertility drugs

During such times, this scan is helpful for your doctor as it gives her a clear picture of how the drugs are affecting your ovulation cycle. This can also rule out any side effects associated with the follicles.

5. Helps In Your Advanced Fertility Treatments

Follicular study plays a significant role in undergoing any advanced fertility treatments . This scan monitors your ovulation cycle and can determine the perfect time for egg extraction based on the number and size of follicles present.


The benefits of a follicular study are not just accomplished with one scan. The baseline of follicle assessment usually begins the second day of your menstrual cycle and is repeated four to six times to determine when exactly ovulation occurs. 

Whatever the examinations or treatments you may need during your pregnancy, please be certain that they are done at an ISO-certified center to ensure you are appropriately diagnosed.

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