can anomaly scan be wrong?

At around 20 weeks of pregnancy, a womb (uterus) and your baby are examined closely during an anomaly scan. The sonographer performing the scan will make sure your baby is growing normally. However, if results turn negative, you can always go for another test to avoid wrong anomaly scan reports.

How accurate is the anomaly scan?

Unfortunately, despite the high degree of accuracy of this ultrasound examination, not all congenital abnormalities can be detected. congenital abnormalities Only an amniocentesis can provide you with concrete proof of having Down syndrome, even though this scan can detect 50% to 70% of occurrences of the condition. It’s also critical to understand that prenatal ultrasounds cannot identify conditions like autism or cerebral palsy. According to a study, early ultrasounds were able to find fetal malformations in about 30% of low-risk pregnancies and 60% of high-risk pregnancies. The greater rates in the latter group may be somewhat explained by increased surveillance, although the defects tended to be more severe or to affect several organ systems.

What can make an anomaly scan wrong?

What can make an anomaly scan wrong

A negative report or wrong anomaly scan report can lead you to anxiety which again will affect your unborn.

The most common reason why an anomaly scan might go wrong is when your sonographer has typically not seen everything they need to observe.

This can be the result of you being overweight or the fact that your kid is not in the ideal scanning posture.

Your sonographer’s view may be obstructed if you have fibroids. By 23 weeks, you will be given the option to have another anomaly scan if any of these apply.

How do you know an anomaly scan is wrong?

Depending on when it is done, how skilled the sonographer is, and whether the infant is in a position that shows the area between their legs, the accuracy rate for an anomaly scan can range from 95 to 99 percent. When any of these mistakes are done, you can always opt for another scan and verify with your doctor.

What to do after a wrong anomaly scan report?

When there is a doubt on your scan report or if your anomaly scan report turns out to be wrong, you can always give it a second shot. Check with your gynecologist, identify the probabilities of what has gone wrong with the report, and reach out to a certified professional for your second scan.

Be prepared mentally and physically to accept the result and stay strong Mumma. You can always get through this and have a healthy pregnancy.

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