It is perfectly normal for newborn babies not to poop every day, and there is nothing to worry about. Let’s talk more about newborn poop and why not pooping every day is normal in newborns.

Newborn baby’s first poop

newborn babys first poop

The first newborn poop baby is termed meconium, which is typically dark brown or green and has a very sticky texture to it.

Some babies pass meconium while still inside their mother’s womb, but the majority of them will pass meconium or the first poop within the first 24 hours of delivery.

It is also the ideal timeline for the newborn to pass meconium. If the baby doesn’t pass meconium in the first 24 hours, call up the pediatrician and they will be able to help.

Normal newborn poop

normal newborn poop

In the initial few days of birth, the newborn poop frequency is high as the mother’s milk production is higher. Most babies poop multiple times a day, which is quite normal for a newborn baby.

Newborn watery poop

newborn watery poop

With the increase in the mother’s milk supply, the baby will get sufficient milk and start pooping. During the initial few days, the milk acts as a laxative, causing watery poop and frequent pooping in newborns, which is quite common.

This pattern usually lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. And no, in most cases, the watery newborn poop during the initial few days does not require any treatment at all. 

A newborn can’t poop

newborn cant poop

After a few days of birth, most babies latch well and suck more milk from the mother. Since the mother’s milk is more mature at this stage, most of the milk is absorbed into the body. 

Since there isn’t much of a waste left in the intestine, the baby passes motion every alternate day or so. which results in infrequent newborn poop. 

One can also try bathing the baby in warm water and exercising their legs, like riding a bicycle, which may help with the baby’s passing stool.

Newborn foamy poop

newborn foamy poop

Sometimes the newborn poop can be foamy, which is quite normal. This is because of the force of the feed.

Sometimes, if there is a high milk supply, the flow of the milk can be fast and foamy, and the baby ends up sucking more milk. This might be a little difficult for the baby to digest, which is what results in foamy poop.

Dark green poop infant

newborn dark green poop

Green or dark green poop is the actual poop color of a newborn baby. Over time, the color shifts from dark green to light green to yellow, and finally to yellowish brown.


However, if there is a foul smell in the stool, if something serious is suspected, or if the baby hasn’t pooped in a few days, contact the pediatrician as soon as possible. For more content about newborn babies, pregnancy, postpartum, and women’s health, visit



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