Working has become an essential part of life no matter what gender you belong to. But what about working during pregnancy?

Most pregnant women have a lot of questions and doubts regarding this topic, and let us clear them all up for you in this blog.

Is it okay to work during pregnancy?

is it ok to work during pregnancy

Yes, it is okay for you to continue working during pregnancy as long as you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Ensure to consult with your doctor whether it is okay for you to work.

Pregnancy and tiredness go hand in hand. So be prepared for that as well. Although you can continue working during pregnancy, there are a few kinds of work that you should avoid for the safety of the fetus as well as the mother.

What jobs to avoid while pregnant?

what jobs to avoid while pregnant

Here are a few jobs that you should avoid while pregnant.

1. Chemical Industry: As we all know, exposure to hazardous chemicals can impact the baby’s health to a greater extent. So make sure to refrain from that.

2. Radiation: Jobs like radiation therapy, mining, etc. require you to work under a lot of radiation, which again isn’t healthy for the baby.

3. Heavy metals: Manufacturing heavy metals such as cobalt, gold, gallium, iron, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, platinum, silver, copper, etc., have the tendency to accumulate in the body and cause several diseases. 

4. Standing: It is better to avoid jobs where you need to stand for a long time, like in the retail industry, food service, etc. Standing for a long time may cause swelling and other issues.

5. Travel: Avoid traveling too much during pregnancy, especially for people with high-risk pregnancies. If your job requires you to travel frequently, it might cause preterm labour and other complications.

These are just a few examples. We highly suggest you consult with your doctor about your job nature and ask if it is okay for you to continue working during pregnancy.

Finding a new job – Working During Pregnancy

Finding a new job while pregnant can be a little difficult. But these days, there are a lot of rules and regulations from the government that support mothers. You can pick and choose a company that provides work-from-home or hybrid opportunities.

However, if you are having a rough pregnancy, it is recommended to stay at home and take proper rest to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy.

Best types of job for pregnant women

best jobs for pregnant women

1. Online customer service: Working from home and having a flexible schedule are made possible by offering customer service via online chat or email.

2. Data Entry Specialist: Because they frequently require little physical exertion and can be completed while sitting down, data entry occupations are suitable for women who are pregnant.

3. Social media management: With social media management work, one can work from home and set their own hours by managing social media accounts for businesses.

4. Transcriptionist: It is possible to work from home and doesn’t require much physical effort to convert audio recordings into text.

5. HR Consultant: Positions in human resources that require hiring, firing, and employee support. It may be accommodating for new mothers.

6. Online tutor: For someone who has experience in teaching and education, online coaching or tutoring could be a great work-from-home opportunity.

7. Freelancing: Instead of working for one specific company, one can work on stuff like video editing, graphic design, writing, blogging, social media management, tutoring, or anything else they are comfortable and skilled at with flexible working hours.

When should you stop going to work when pregnant?

when should you stop going to work while pregnant

There are a few scenarios when you should stop working during pregnancy.

  1. Preterm signs: If you are facing preterm labor, signs such as constant cramps, pelvic pressure, too many back aches, etc. it can be a sign of premature labor, and you need to stop working once you get these symptoms and call your doctor asap.
  2. Struggling to manage work: If you are struggling so much in completing your day-to-day tasks at work while pregnant, it means that you are either putting too much pressure on yourself or your body isn’t able to work as efficiently as you normally would. So consider taking a break from work.
  3. High-Risk pregnancy: If your doctor tells you that you have a high-risk pregnancy, it is good to stay away from working. High-risk pregnancy in itself has a lot of complications, and working only adds to it. So make sure to take ample rest.
  4. Overwhelmed: Although it is normal to feel anxious and overhauled in pregnancy if you feel so overwhelmed that it disturbs your personal and work time, it is highly advisable to stay away from working. 
  5. Medical condition: If you have a medical condition or if your doctor advises you to stop working, it is mandatory for you to stop working and take enough rest.

Tips for managing work during pregnancy

tips for managing work during pregnancy

There are a few things that you can do to manage working during pregnancy. Here are a few:

  1. Diet: Eating a well-balanced diet is one of the most important things to do during pregnancy. Make sure to have enough protein in your meal to keep you full and give you the energy to work.
  2. Snacks: As much as you eat healthy, you need to eat every few hours to keep the hunger pangs away. So instead of munching on junk, carry your snack to work. There are a few healthy snacks for pregnant women, like apples, bananas, nuts etc. you can choose from.
  3. Hydrate: Hydration is very important, especially during pregnancy. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times, and make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Take breaks: Most companies these days are happy to provide breaks for pregnant women. Talk to your HR and make use of small breaks in between working hours to take some rest.
  5. Sleep: Sleeping well is the key. Make sure to have a routine and stick to it religiously. Getting a good amount of sleep is essential, especially if you are working during pregnancy.
  6. Ask for help: It might be difficult for you to catch up on household chores while working. So it is okay to ask for help. Ask for help from your partner or family, and don’t do everything by yourself. If you can afford, consider hiring a house helper to help you with the chores.


We really hope you found this article helpful. If there is one piece of advice that you ask, we highly suggest you ask for help from family and friends.

You don’t have to do everything by yourself, and it is absolutely okay to ask for help. All we want is a happy mamma and a happy baby. 

For further queries regarding pregnancy and women’s health, kindly contact Jammi Scans.


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