Can there be anything better than celebrating the Uniqueness of a Down syndrome child?

Reasons why Down Syndrome Awareness Day is celebrated?

Public awareness

Understanding and respecting all their rights

Promote inclusion

Support well-being

Reason why down syndrome day is celebrated

What is World Down Syndrome Day?

March 21st is observed as World’s Down syndrome day annually to mark and celebrate the Uniqueness of Down syndrome people globally.

This day is used to raise public awareness of Down syndrome  and help these people connect with everybody socially and equally.

What is Trisomy 21?

Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome, is a chromosomal disorder that happens during conception. This is caused by the extra copy of chromosome 21 present in the cells of a human body.

Down syndrome causes distinct physical features and affects certain intellectual and behavioral development in babies.

There is no conclusive proof why this condition occurs, but it has been the most common chromosomal disorder affecting live births (1:800) in India.

When was World Down Syndrome Day(WDSD) started?

Down syndrome was named after John Langdon Down, a British physician who first described the syndrome.

WDSD has been celebrated since 2012 every year on March 21st with the recommendation of the United Nations General Assembly.

Like everybody, people with Down syndrome have all the right to be accepted and treated equally. And this day is marked to stress the importance of the same.

Why is March 21st World Down syndrome day?

This is an interesting question to be answered.

In general, a human cell consists of 46 chromosomes that come in 23 pairs.

There is an extra copy of a chromosome in the 21st pair for people with down syndromes, making it a pair of three rather than two.

Every year, March 21st (the third week of the third month) is chosen as Down syndrome awareness day to symbolize the significance of chromosome 21 and the extra third copy in the pair.


World Down Syndrome Day – Significance

Every year on World Down syndrome day, the United Nations encourages people globally to celebrate this day with a chosen theme.

These themes are selected based on ensuring DS people with all human rights with equal opportunities in fulfilling their lives in all social/personal aspects.

How is Down syndrome Awareness day celebrated in India?

Several non-profit organizations and government agencies provide support and training to individuals with Down syndrome.

They conduct free detection and management therapies to mark the significance.

People organize various events like a walkathon, exhibitions, competitions, and other fun events to benefit the affected individuals.

#LotsOfSocks Campaign

The initiative of the #LosOfSocks campaign is a part of the Down syndrome awareness day.

Have you seen images of bright-colored and unmatched socks circulating the social world on World Down syndrome day?

People do this to tell the world that they accept the Uniqueness of the oddly matched pair, for nothing is wrong with an extra copy of a chromosome.

Extra redefines Uniqueness

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