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HCG injection in follicular study is one of the crucial steps in predicting ovulation. hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that the placenta produces during pregnancy.

The hCG hormones signal the body to stop the menstruation process, and they also help thicken the uterine lining in order to support the growing baby.

The hCG levels increase and stay elevated for up to 10 or more weeks of pregnancy. Let’s learn about the significant role of hCG injection in follicular study.

What is a hCG injection?

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections are hormone injections that have the tendency to raise a person’s chances of getting pregnant.

In male, aid in the production of sperm and testosterone, and treat a testicular disorder called cryptorchidism.


Role of hCG injection in follicular study

hcg injection in follicular study

When talking about the role of hCG injection in follicular study, after monitoring the dominant follicle, which is about 20 mm in size, an hCG shot is given to the patient to make the mature follicle rupture and release eggs to make ovulation happen.

The hCG hormone also has a very similar structure to the LH hormone.

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Does follicle size increase after the hCG shot?

does follicle size increase after an hcg shot

Yes, the follicle size increases for up to 1 to 2 mm a day after the hCG shot.

The data show that hCG therapy has a role in promoting follicular enlargement and quickening follicular growth to ovulation.

On day 2 following hCG injection, progesterone levels in a particular group were 3.78 ± 1.34 ng/ml on day 2 after hCG administration and increased 5 days later (day 7) to 9.04 ± 1.85.

When does the follicle rupture after hCG injection?

when does the follicle rupture after an hcg injection

After an hcg injection in follicular study, Ovulation can happen between 24 and 48 hours, usually within 36 hours.

Although it is less likely, couples should be ready in case they ovulate as early as 24 hours earlier than expected.

Symptoms of egg rupture after hCG injection

symptoms of egg rupture after an hcg injection

 In follicular study, a patient goes through around 6-8 (depending on the patient’s menstrual cycle) ultrasound scans over the course of 20 days to monitor the follicles.

Ultrasound is the only possible way to tell if the egg is ruptured or not.

How long does the egg live after the hCG shot?

how long does the egg live after an hcg shot

After giving the HCG injection in follicular study, conception is possible 12–24 hours after ovulation because the released egg can only survive 24 hours after ovulation.

Since we cannot predict the exact time of ovulation, couples should be ready for intercourse 24 hours after the hCG shot is given.

If any type of treatment like IVF, IUI, etc. is used, the best time to recover the eggs from the body is around 36 hours after the hCG shot, which is before ovulation occurs.

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hCG injections in follicular study play a crucial role in follicular studies, helping women become more fertile. They help with the ovulation process and prepare the egg for conception.

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