What is an anomaly Scan?

An anomaly scan or mid-pregnancy scan is done to identify the structural development and any abnormalities like neural tube defects, limb abnormalities, heart defects, and cleft lip or palate present in the fetus.


In addition, it evaluates the amniotic fluid, placental position, and maternal pelvic organs.

The anomaly scan is also known as a level 2 ultrasound scan or an anatomy scan.

What does your Fetal Medicine specialist examine during an anomaly scan?

The ultrasound waves help with a black and white 2-D image of your baby.

This helps your fetal specialist carefully examine all the vital organs and take the measurements. These are some of the examinations done,


The 11 major abnormalities detected in the fetus during an anomaly scan is explained below.

11 defects detected in anomaly scan

Which week is the best for an Anomaly Scan?

The anomaly scan is generally performed between 19 and 21 weeks of pregnancy.

During this period, the fetus is quite large for accurate measurements, which is considered the best time for the test.

Based on the expectant mother’s medical history, the healthcare provider might advise performing the test sooner or later.

Will the Anomaly Scan Provide 100% Confirmation Of The Structural Development?

The answer is NO.

However, the anomaly scan is highly accurate, yet it cannot detect 100% of structural abnormalities.

While most babies are born healthy, only a small percentage of them stand the risk of developing complications.

An anomaly scan cannot detect such complications that evolve during the later phases of gestation.

What if there are signs of a problem in an Anomaly Scan?

If your anomaly scan shows any abnormalities, the defect revealed will be studied in detail. Following that, your doctor offers you genetic counseling.

How to Prepare for an Anomaly Scan?

However, a full bladder is not necessary for an anomaly scan. The gynecologist may ask the expectant mother to drink enough water to fill her bladder in certain conditions.

Thus, it helps lift the uterus and gives a clear picture of the fetus. Likewise, it is necessary to wear comfortable or loose-fitting clothes.

Do not apply oil or lotion to the belly.

Can I Eat Before Anomaly Scan?

Yes, you can eat before the anomaly scan. However, your gynecologist may ask you to avoid eating gas-producing foods, like broccoli or beans, as they may cause discomfort during the scan.

What is the Anomaly Scan Procedure?

During the anomaly scan procedure, your healthcare provider might ask you to lie on your back and a gel is applied to your abdomen.

A handheld ultrasound probe is moved over your abdomen to receive images of the fetus. 

anomaly scan procedure

How Much Time Does an Anomaly Scan Take?

Generally, the duration of the anomaly scan takes around 20 – 45 minutes.

However, it mainly depends on numerous factors, including the position of the baby, maternal body habitus, and the preferences of your healthcare provider.

How to Change a Baby’s Position for an Anomaly Scan?

However, it is quite similar to an NT scan. Your gynecologist might ask the expectant mother to try again after a break.

A sugary drink, chocolate, sweets, and a gentle movement may help the baby move to a better position.

How to Read Anomaly Scan Report?

The anomaly scan report provides several measurements and images of the baby. The report consists of information about the baby’s femur length, abdominal circumference, head circumference, etc.

In addition, it evaluates any abnormalities present in the brain, spine, heart, bladder, kidneys, and other organs.

Can we do Anomaly Scan Twice?

It is not necessary to perform the anomaly scan twice. In some cases, the healthcare provider may advise taking a follow-up scan to observe the development and growth of the fetus.

What is the difference between an NT Scan and Anomaly Scan?

Nt scan and anomaly scan

Limitations of the anomaly scan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the anomaly scan is safe for the baby. It utilizes low-intensity ultrasound waves, which doesn’t harm the growing fetus.

You will receive the anomaly scan report immediately from Jammi Scans. It may differ depending on your scan centre.

Yes, most healthcare providers allow your partner or family member to accompany you during the anomaly scan. Visitors may be restricted in some medical centers or hospitals due to COVID-19 restrictions.

No. Anomaly scans are not painful. 

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Anomaly scan in Chennai price may vary depending on the scan center and location.

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